ATFP Gala 2011_Ritz

ATFP is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that aims to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East. It advocates the national security interest of the United States in the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state living alongside Israel in peace, security and dignity. ATFP seeks to support good governance and living standards for Palestinians, and to bring Palestinians and the United States closer together at every level. It advocates that American policies recognize the inextricable interconnection of the issue of Palestine with our other major policy objectives in the region. The Task Force holds that the values and interests of the United States are complementary rather than contradictory throughout the region, especially as it pertains to Palestine.


ATFP believes that the Palestinian-American community can and must play an ever-increasing role as a bridge between the United States and Arab societies. The Palestinian-American community has made significant contributions to our country, and at the 10th Anniversary Gala, ATFP will recognize these achievements by honoring leading Palestinian-Americans who have made contributions in the fields of Public Service, Scholarship, and Business & Finance. Your attendance at the Gala will serve as your recognition of the accomplishments of the Palestinian-American community, as well as a much-appreciated gesture of support for ATFP’s message of peace, prosperity, freedom and co-existence.

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